Here is Where – A Review

hereiswhereOur history books are incomplete. After reading Mr. Carroll’s book, Here is Where, I realize there are individuals who need some attention paid to them. Did you know there was woman who refused to give up her seat long before Ms. Rosa Parks? Irene Morgan and on July 16, 1946 she refused to give up her seat for a white couple. You go girl! Because of her case, the following was decided:
“Such regulation hampers freedom of choice in selecting accommodations. He goes on to say, “it seems clear to us that seating arrangements for the different races in interstate travel require a single uniform rule to promote and protect national travel.” Wow, a reversal of a dumb law to begin with! Desegregation on public transportation. Hey history book authors, could you please rewrite the textbooks?
Mr. Carroll sets off to discover obscure or just plain out unknown facts about American’s history. He meets some interesting people along the way and really digs deep for answers. And how’s this for awesome? A man by the name of Gardner Colton discovered laughing gas! Yeah that’s right, some anesthesia for patients to inhale without feeling the pain. Think about it, for the longest people had to endure surgery without being under. Can you imagine the horror? Me, I’m allergic to pain and I vote not to think about it.
If you want to know about our past the real stories of those who should be commended, read the book. You will be surprised and pleased. The man did his homework. I think the trip was worth all the effort, and to finally credit those who should have it. Put that in a history book!
I received this free copy from Blogging for Books in exchange for an honest review.
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