A Broken Kind of Beautiful – A Reveiw

BrokenKind Feeling unforgiveable because of you who are where you came from is the main thought in this book. Ivy Clark, a model, does not feel worthy of forgiveness due to being an illegitimate child and because of her past behavior. She has been convinced she really doesn’t count except where her looks are concerned and where money can be made off her. Even her manager/uncle has made it clear to her that she does not count.
Ivy travels back to Greenbrier, South Carolina to attend her father’s funeral. She’s not sad for his passing, he never paid attention to her. Marilyn, her dad’s wife, adores her and tries hard to make her see that she is loveable and worthy. This woman rocks, since Ivy is not her biological daughter. Ivy struggles throughout her stay but seems to make a breakthrough upon having to organize a Fashion Show, along with helping a cancer patient fulfill a wish.
It is through the love of Marilyn, Davis Knight, Sara Knight that Ivey finally realizes whatever she has done in the past, is insignificant. God loves her and has already forgotten what sins she committed. Awesome way to take a load off one’s mind and heart.
I received this free copy in exchange for reviewing it from Waterbrook Press.
For more info (including author bio):


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