White Paper Box and NPR

I had had a frustrating day at work. Ready to give and not try anymore since I was passed over again for a position I am interested in. I kept thinking negative thoughts, you know the routine, why always someone else and not me? Well, my way of thinking changed that day thanks to my son and NPR.
He had been upstairs constructing a “lunch bag” to take with him to work. Well, notebook paper isn’t that strong so we suggested an alternative. He was upset with himself at first but then realized the world was still here and he hadn’t really done anything terrible. I got to thinking about his efforts and realized that I don’t have to give up either. Mindsets are powerful things and they can either help or harm you. Take your pick.
While driving home from an appointment, I listened to a program on NPR. A man talked about his family’s escape from Vietnam. Wow! Talk about plowing through obstacles! His Father managed to get him and his mom and siblings to a much safer destination. In essence, the man decided he wasn’t giving up, that the reward would outweigh the hardship. Puts our lives in perspective, doesn’t it? We get bent out of shape over stuff that may seem enormous at the moment, but then later they are really just insignificant. Could be worse as the saying goes. The man is successful in his chosen career and has a family of his own. Bet his daddy is proud.
As for me, well, I did change my attitude and decided I am going to keep trying every time a position opens up that I am interested in. Eventually they will get tire of my applying and maybe they will just let me have the job. Evil scheme that might just work.


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