Instant Heart Attack Right Here!

Parenting brings many challenges and adventures, to put it mildly. Where else can you go nuts over each new accomplishment your child makes? Or over Programming for kids? Show off photos of them to the public do you? Oh come now, you know you do. Our son decided to do something that almost put me and his daddy in the ER. What did our sweet son do? He went to a dinner in another part of town, riding his bike the whole way. Okay so far. Zachary had a great time with his friends and enjoyed the meal. Now for the best part: He starts to ride home again and all of sudden one of the bicycle tires goes flat.
Of course most of us would call for assistance. Did our son? Nooooo. He walked the whole evening and morning back to the house alongside his bike. Guess he thought he was taking control of the situation and didn’t want to bother us. Nice to let us sleep all night. It’s the thought that counts or is it Let’s see if I can freak out mom and dad and just not tell them? I pick the latter. My husband woke me up before he left for an appointment. Tells me, Zach isn’t home. Oh My Word! What’s happened to him, why isn’t he home? Scenarios are running through our wild imaginative minds. We called to see if anyone from the dinner knew his whereabouts. Nope. Close to nine he shows up, unlocks the door, and walks in, sore as can be. I hugged him and said I am not letting go. We asked what happened. Why didn’t he call us? Oh, he did think of his stomach and eat on the way home. Great job, dude.That’s when he mentioned the flat tire.
Is he allowed to live another day? Yes. Next time don’t know. Have to wait and see what mood we are in.
We stressed that he is to call, no matter the time or day, if he needs help. I think he got the message.
Parenting ain’t for sissies, that’s for sure. If you are up for the challenge, you will have all sorts of adventures yourself. Just ask our 21 year old. He will tell you what he does to make us grow grey! Guess I have to let go, secretly I don’t want to, but oh well, what’s a few more gray hairs!


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