Girl at the End of the World – A Review

girlatendofworld Lack of an identity, absolute surrender to a power tripping leader, are some the reasons that the author, Elizabeth Esther had to leave “The Assembly.” Contradictions were a part of her life, parents told to spank their children from infancy on if they failed the temptation tests (ex: placing candy on a table In front of a child and expecting them to ignore it.) or just because they wanted them to confess their sins for the day. Her thoughts were implanted by her parents and her grandfather.
Elizabeth describes the horrible way of life, having to stand on a box to preach the gospel at age nine. I think the lady that yelled at her dad was right; this was a form of abuse. He and her mother had convinced her it was okay to be criticized by nonbelievers. This memoir illustrates how select groups take the word of God and twist into their own idea of utopia. Not being able to think for yourself, express your opinion without fear of being punished. How wack is that?
Elizabeth’s saving grace comes by way of marriage. She finds her true love, Matthew, and they both escape the harshness of mind control, punishment and discover real faith is sincere and doesn’t include harming one another, but by loving each other.
I received this free copy from Convergent books in exchange for reviewing it.
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