Heart Wide Open A Review

heartopenwide Need a lift in the worshiping department? Well, Mrs. Tomlinson’s book, Heart Wide Open has the instructions on how to raise your enthusiasm. She freely admits to being a coasting along Christian, going through the motions with no real feeling. Doing the minimum requirement just doesn’t cut it.
The author mentions her own experiences and how others such as her grandchildren helped her by example. She gets pumped up when she finally realizes that just reading and memorizing verses, going to church when told are true ways of being in love with the Big Guy. You have to understand the meaning of his word and know that when you do fellowship you are strengthening the bond between you and Jesus. Reading the Bible and grasping what He wants us to know. Being fulfilled one hundred percent. Awesome!
I am partial to the fact that she is also a southerner. (I am also a southerner.) For me, the book essentially says that there is more to being a Christian than just church every Sunday and Wednesday. Oh, and the revivals and you get the idea.
I received this free copy from Waterbrook Press in exchange for reviewing it.
For more information (including author bio):
Read Chapter One:


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