Crash the Chatterbox – A Review

chatterbox Have a confidence issue? Listening to the negative mumbo jumbo insider your head? Well, kick it to the curb for the garbage people to dispose of properly. Crash the Chatterbox, by Steven Furtick, explains how self doubt and second guessing can ruin our ability to try things because we don’t believe in ourselves.
Know what I’m talking about? You tell yourself, “I can’t do this, nothing will work.” Excuses come flying out of nowhere and convince you that failure is the only option. Mr. Furtick gives great examples and advice to help overcome the greatest obstacle: Ourselves. Now the Big Man upstairs never loses faith in us, in fact he’s the biggest cheerleader we have. There are numerous examples given to prove we don’t have to listen to the idiot down below. Let’s see, we take a huge breath, move forward and don’t look back. High five yourself as you accomplish your goals.
I received a free copy in exchange for reviewing it.
For more info (including Author Bio):
Read Chapter One:


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