Echoes of Mercy – A Review

echosofmercy History lesson indeed. Child labor at one time was considered the norm, and so were the working conditions. Early in the twentieth century, many children under the age of fourteen were employed by various companies, saving them the task of paying good wages. Cheap Labor. Companies profited more when they paid less. Eventually that all changed.
Caroline Lang, the main character in the novel, Echoes of Mercy, is sent to investigate the death of a co worker. She is hired on at a candy factory and so begins the nosing around by asking questions that make the rest uncomfortable, particularly the boss, Gordon Hightower. He does not like Ms. Lang’s constant curiosity into the workings and goings on in the plant. He intimidates the employees, especially the ladies so he can maintain control. What an ego!
Caroline discovers that the plant has underage workers and that they along with the female employees are underpaid. With assistance from Ollie Moore, the owner’s son, she brings justice to the plant. The employees really do win the battle. Caroline also discovers why her past wasn’t so pleasant, so she could help others by understanding how they feel. Fulfilling one’s mission established by the big man himself, can be very rewarding. And that’s what Caroline learns.
I received this free copy in exchange for reviewing it.
For more info (Including author bio):
Author web site


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