Sun Stand Still: A Review

sunstandstill Wow. You really need to listen to what the almighty has in store for you. You know, like creating a business that fulfills a specific need? Using your talents to go full speed ahead. That’s right. Steven Furtick nails it when he writes about asking God to do “can’t happen?” into yes it can! He really knows how to light a match under our seats.
Various examples are given including the author’s experience. He and his wife leave the familiar small town to live in a big city. Gives new meaning to being a stranger in a strange land. What happens next is awesome! Ministry is started and even a church. Instead of hiding from what he was being called to do, he just ignored the negative and went for it. Other real life examples are demonstrate this: a young girl addicted to cutting herself because she thinks she is ugly, finds the love of God and stops. Another, a drug addict whose children have been taken away from her, hears the big man’s voice and cleans up, gets her kids back and a brand new life!
Biblical illustrations are presented such as Joseph after enduring many years of hardship comes out a victor. Moses who has the extraordinary task of leading the Israelites out of Egypt and then actually parts the red sea! The man had skills! Individuals coming in faith to Jesus to be healed are healed. There are many more incredible people mentioned the book. Read and be enlightened. High Five!
I received this free copy from Waterbrook Press in exchange for reviewing it.
For more information, including author bio:
Read Chapter One: Don’t forget to read the verses.


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