Miss Brenda and the Loveladies – A Review

brendaloveladies Money, nice house, and the perks that go with it just don’t make one completely happy. Miss Brenda is that lady, a wealthy businesswoman who discovers her true calling: Helping female ex-prisoners get back on their feet. Go woman! She does this radical thing: changes her home into a “whole-way house”. Makes sense to me. After researching other options, she discovered that the help, although well meaning, just wasn’t enough. Of course she’s freaked out by the women who arrive at her door, many angry and some incredibly shy.
From fighting with the residents to her neighbors, Miss Brenda manages to shine through her willingness to stick it out and her program becomes a huge success. Up yours to the bigoted neighbors who were snotty and wanted no part of this. The house was on 10 acres and well away from everyone else. I applaud Mrs. Spahn for learning why these ladies were in prison, from their rough and horrific backgrounds, you gain a lot of insight. You understand that no, they really didn’t want the lives they had, but somehow the drugs, sex, etc… just became a normal part of their living. What else did they know?
More than anything, Mrs. Spahn needed the Loveladies more than they needed her. They are a perfect match. Redemption is possible and making a new life for oneself is doable. Just ask the Loveladies. To me, they are lovely ladies.
I received this free copy from Waterbrook Press in exchange for reviewing it.
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