Taking a Break

Today is just foggy, cold and dark. I mean what happened to the sun? Is it hiding behind the clouds and waiting to say,”Surprise!” I think fall has left because they lost the battle with winter. Winter has arrived early and it’s staying a while. Mother Nature can be temperamental at times, she doesn’t always want the same conditions that we do. Have you noticed how moody she gets?
The rain tells me she is unhappy so the tears just flow for a day or two, or…And boy does she get mad, with thunder and lightening banging in the clouds. Sometimes I think the wind is her broom, sweeping away the leafs and other debris into new locations. Then again, when nasty weather arrives, I wonder why. Tornados, flooding, just don’t get it. Of course we are guilty of abusing our earth too. Trash decorates the streets, highways and inside buildings. Must be easier for some to pitch into the air than finding a trash can or recycle bin.
Tornados devastate but we rise above, rebuild, and heal in the process. Weather does not defeat us, we’re stubborn that way.
Hurricanes blast through buildings, homes, move things around and overflows with water. Traveling by boat makes an interesting evacuation.

Now mam, I’d like to ask a favor, can I make an exchange with you? Gray for Sun? Let the curtain of go away, what do you say? Ok, let me know your answer. Can’t you smile today? Please…..


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