Knowing God by Name – A Review

knowinggodbyname God’s profile is known by understanding the various names he is called. Cool. In the book, Knowing God by Name, by Sharen Jaynes, Gwen Smith, and Mary Southerland, we find out about God’s personality and true self. The Man is called a lot of names and this time it’s nice!
The book dives deep and explains the reasoning behind the various aliases God himself has been called. For example, Yahweh Hosed, tell us that God does something many of us have a hard time doing: forgiving. The name Yahweh means, Hesed means “a steadfast rock –solid faithfulness “that never ends. (Taken from page 141) How many can say they have relationships like that? The big man forgives and never stops loving us. If we mess up, we don’t have to go into hiding from him. He finds us and then let us knows we are still awesome.
Knowing God by Name offers opportunities to study the Bible at the end of each chapter, and a place to write one’s thought in established journal pages. The Girlfriends have succeeded again in writing a fantastic book, that anyone can understand, especially when they include their own life experiences. See that’s you can relate. Yeah, God is fantastic, and all the descriptions of him are right on!
I received a free copy of this book in exchange for reviewing it.

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