Hannah’s Voice- A review

Talk about giving people the silent treatment. But who can blame Hannah after she witnesses her friend dying at school and then watches a murder take place outside of her home? Hannah is removed from her home, and is pursued by zealots who think she is either A. Saint or B. possessed by evil and must be destroyed.

Hannah decides not to communicate verbally because she’s afraid of saying the wrong thing, so she takes to the written word. Throughout her transition into foster care and then back to her home town where she finally gets a reward, full scholarship to college, Hannah begins a new life. She is in search of her mother whom she hasn’t heard from in several years. Apparently mom suffered from Alzheimer’s.

In the end she is reunited with her mom through much detective work and both she and her mom begin the healing process. Hannah regains her voice and mom gets her wish, her daughter.
Five stars!!


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