Chocolate Chocolate Moons – A Review

chocolatemoon What a great idea! Make fun of society’s obsession with looking a certain way, (thin and beautiful) while also emphasizing our love of food! Awesome!! Imagine being Molly Marbles, plus size lady, who is invited to go to school at the Armstrong University and get this, you weigh much less than on earth! Gives new meaning to weight loss!
Molly Marbles, the main character, goes to the university with her then boyfriend, Drew Barton, and eventually they part ways. Seems Drew is giving in to the competition, CC or Carbon Copies. The story continues as both Molly and Drew gain new lives and loves and then a mystery occurs. Someone has poisoned the chocolate! Molly, with the help of Jersey, and her husband Trenton, set out solve the case.
The book is set the distant future with cool gadgets like using ones palm to take calls, or being able to fold yourself in luggage and then travel. Taking pills in place of meals and not feeling hungry. Sarcasm is the best way to describe the entire book. Even the case of poisoned chocolate is funny. Read and you will won’t be disappointed.
I love the various names in the book, Congress Drugs, maker of “Freedom Plan”, a system of weight loss and maintenance. Similar to the Food Pyramid hu? Or maybe all the diet plans that consumers try out of desperation. How’s this for naming the authorities? Mars Yard! Ms Kingon has written a smart aleck take on why we should go easy on ourselves and you know what, just enjoy who we are. Oh, and some chocolate wouldn’t hurt either.

I received a free copy from the author in exchange for reviewing it. Five stars and big chocolate bar!!


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