Good God Lousy World and Me A Review

goodgodlousy Being letdown by the Big man upstairs, I can see where the author is coming from. She’s not convinced that God can do anything good. After all, she witnessed her grandmother’s mental breakdown, and not once did she feel the Lord’s presence. She’s very bitter and yet she turns her let down into good. She becomes a human rights activist.
Ms. Burkhalter witnesses many horrors inflicted on those who can’t defend themselves, especially children. She herself goes into therapy for several years to deal with her anxiety and other matters of the mind. Something changes her mind when she meets with Gary A Haugen, president and CEO of international Justice Mission. Finally she begins to let go of the anger, the untrusting attitude that has imprisoned her mind and ability to have peace in her life.
The author does come to see the good that God can do for others and her faith is restored. It’s a long journey, but she makes and doesn’t even need luggage! To be honest, I think God was directing her life the whole time, as she did care for others and wanted to rescue those in danger and in sickness. What the author may not realize is that she was doing the work that God meant for her to do. And she is rescued herself.
I chose this book and was sent for free by Waterbrook Press in exchange for reviewing it.

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