The Women of Christmas- A Review

womenofchristmas Shock, disbelief, and even gasp, a scandal, are some to the themes in this book. Why you ask? Well, for starters, imagine an elderly woman named Elizabeth becoming a mom and even being told the name of her son. An angel approaches her husband Zachariah, and he naturally is picking his jaw off the ground. And because he doesn’t believe what’s going to happen, he is left mute and deaf for the duration of his wife’s pregnancy. Wow no talking to one another until after the baby is born. Geesh. Even Elizabeth is approached by an angel telling her the same. Prayers can be answered just not always when we want them to be.

The woman is Mary, mother of Jesus, who is told by an angel that she will also bear a son, but he will be called Jesus. That’s right; the Big Guy’s son was to be born via human means. Even more interesting, is that Mary is engaged to be married but hasn’t told her husband to be. Poor guy when he is finally told the news; he has some doubts and ponders what was very rare back in his time: turn away, marry and then quietly divorce or stay married. Mary gets a high five for being so graceful!

Then we have Anna, who is widowed and get this, actually lives in a temple. And she doesn’t leave! And she was a prophet! Talk about a modern woman! She decides to check out baby Jesus while Mary is holding him. I’m sure she was in awe. Mary must have known that the lady was safe because she didn’t run in the opposite direction. Anna was in constant contact with God, praying to him, praising him, and fasting. That’s loyalty!!

I received this free copy in exchange for reviewing it from Waterbrook Press.
For more info (Including Author Bio):

Read Chapter One: WomenofChristmas.pdf


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