Slow Down!

Has anyone noticed a conspiracy? Well, if you haven’t here it is: I think Christmas is going to arrive before Thanksgiving. That’s right. According the store displays, the commercials, Thanksgiving is just not going to happen! The wish books already came with Sunday’s paper. Ok, wait minute, I’m still working on T-day dinner and they expect me to look a wish books? UGH
On the plus side, my sons are well past the toys advertised in Toys R Us. On the downside, I still have to see the ads. Have retailers forgotten that we need time to plan, to make those lists and check them over and over before we head out to shop? At the grocery store I saw both Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations. Yeah Christmas trees were set up by the customer service desk as one enters the store. How sneaky!
I guess now we have think ahead and forget that we have a special reason to be thankful this month. No wonder poor Linus gets mixed up on his holidays! The business world is trying to rush the festivities before their time. Businesses always do this in an effort to encourage early shopping and panic. Well I won’t give in. I don’t shop black Friday and I’m not going to sandwich myself among others who are holiday shopping. I will go when it’s quiet or better yet, online. Take that Retail world! Ha Ha!
I just have to plead, Stop! I have to celebrate one holiday at a time, is that okay with you, Corporate America! Now, about this month’s dinner…..


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