Walkin on the Wild Side

reed Sad news. Lou Reed has passed away, cause of death unknown. The one song he was most famous for, “Walk on the Wild Side” revealed a lot in its time. We were becoming bolder, with more information on the once hush hush topics. Let’s face it, back then we had a war going on and not just in the US with the hippie culture and the drugs and such. The War in Vietnam was raging on.
Mr. Reed was ahead of most, letting us know more about ourselves and the people around us. Not everyone was who they appeared to be. Guess I should also credit the Kinks with their song, “Lola”, too. Lou’s song was more descriptive, describing individuals who were secretly struggling with their own identities but willing to accept themselves as they were. Gay men and women, cross dressers, and more, just regular people afraid to come out in the open at a time when it still was not acceptable.
I always thought his song was lighthearted in a way. Didn’t preach, just asked if taking a risk was okay, to be true to oneself. Of course now it’s just considered no big deal, no secrets are kept anymore. We know and we live on.
Walk on the wild side where you rest, Lou.


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