Think We Forgot Something

Winter has arrived, it bypassed Fall with its cold temperatures and freeze warnings. No mildly cool temps to enjoy along with the deep colors of rust, red, and gold. The sun is out and is deceiving. It lures one into thinking the day is warm, but in reality sweatshirt weather. No short sleeves for now. They will have to rest up for next spring.
We will now cover ourselves in heavy coats, gloves, and scarves. Maybe some boots to walk in the snow when it arrives. Cold temperatures bring out the fireplaces that burn in the evenings, hayrides and bonfires. Warm fruity cider and decadent hot chocolate with marshmallows are the new smells of the season.

Costumes will be parading on October 31, with children pretending to be something else for a day. Asking for treats and sharing the bounty later.
time for warm pajamas, house shoes and thick socks. Blankets are brought out of hibernation, ready to be tossed on a bed or couch. Bowls of hot soup, crackers and toasted cheese await our attendance at the dinner table. Yeah, it’s more like winter than fall, but that’s the way the seasons are, they argue over who will stay and who will go. Guess winter is the victor this time with fall hanging on by the colors. Here are some pictures I took today. popcolor

fallsky Enjoy!


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