Time Out Already!

Just want to say ENOUGH!! Will the real adults in Washington, DC please stand up and come to order? Have they not learned how to work together and gasp, compromise? Do they even care about the thousands of citizens affected by their irrational behavior? Probably not. I did read with a bit of a chuckle that our President hasn’t been able to play a round of golf or celebrate his weeding anniversary. Boo Hoo. Personally, I don’t think the parties involved with this mess called a shutdown should even be paid.
We elect on the basis of ability to the do job that they running for with the hopes they will come through on promises made during the campaign. Um, sure. Looking like we made some serious mistakes. Now maybe there is hope as some furloughed employees are coming back to work. Downside is they won’t see their pay until after this is over. What a rip.
Do the Democrats and Republicans even pay attention to what we the voters think of them? I mean they are punishing individuals who have no say in the debates that are going on. We are their hostages, at least those who work for the government. All I can say is, Democrats go in one corner, nose to the wall, and Republicans to the other. And don’t talk to one another until you can be civil! Understand? Punishment starts now.


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