I actually read that a children’s book is on a banned list. For real. Seems a tale about little boy who has a fit while wearing a costume is considered taboo. Hmmm…. So “Where the Wild Things Are” is a terrible book? That is too funny. And completely ridiculous.
Kids do have temper tantrums from time to time as the boy does in the book. Oh my goodness. Children can’t be expected to behave perfectly all the time. How strange would that be. No exciting days of tug and war about what to wear, eat, getting ready for whatever is planned…
This week is “Banned Books Week” and I have noticed other books are on the hit list. Why I have no idea? Those who go on witch hunts don’t really bother to actually read the books thoroughly they just look for certain words and then make an ignorant judgment. Sigh.
For example, “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Nell Harper Lee. Yes, there is talk of race the n word. The book is more about those subjects. Let’s see, an innocent man is on trial for a crime he did not commit but because his skin is black the town just assumes he is the criminal. You have an attorney fighting for justice to set the man free and make everyone realize they have the wrong person. Some little kids discover a man who has been shut out from the world because he is different and befriend him. Yeah, that’s terrible alright. Remember, authors write about the events of their lifetime.
Want more? Well, there are authors such as Vonnegut and Salinger who have been banned all for the language. Again, if taking the time to read and understand what’s being written, one can appreciate the great work. That’s the problem with those who don’t, they make the snap judgments, in the name of doing what’s right, but in the end they do more harm than good. Go out and read a book all the way through, and if you don’t like it, fine, just make sure to have a real reason. However, a surprise might be waiting for you, could turn out fantastic! Gasp!


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