Am I Missing Something?

We live in the United States, a country filled with people of all ethnic backgrounds and beliefs and such. So why is it that racial profiling has to take place when someone who not white or black gets crowned Miss America? Remember the horror upon finding out what Paula Deen said? And no, I don’t excuse the use of that word either. I don’t believe in profiling anyone just because. Come on, let’s get past the awful thinking already. Last time I checked we are all part of the human race and everyone who is born in this country is, gasp, an American citizen.

What’s next? Are they going to try and force the pageant to only include certain ethnic groups and not others? I doubt they’d succeed. As I recall, people come from all over the world to live in America every year for a better life, more opportunity and most do become citizens. Why is that so bad?
Remember the term Native American? They were here first, us second. Think about it.

If I had the chance to personally send a letter to Nina Davuluri:

Dear Nina Davuluri:

I apologize for the disgusting remarks that have been splattered all over the internet. Shock and embarrassment come into my brain as I read about the comments tossed directly at you. You do not deserve any of them. Miss America, please keep on being the gracious young lady that you are, hold your head high and be proud of yourself.
You represent us with dignity and honor, go out there and fulfill your obligations and dream big! I hope every goal is reached and then some.
I am very proud of you and want you to know that I believe in you.


Leslie Cawley
Proud to be in the United States


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