The crickets are serenading me
outside the window along
with other insects and bugs.
They remind me that the sky
will be black soon and
white lights will dot the night.
Their lullaby is soothing as they perform
a monotone syllables. Air is cooling down
from the hot humid sun
Fresher now since the rain,
Washed the earth during
A late night temper tantrum
With a thundering attitude here
And lightening one there
Mother nature sure has her moods
Happy, sad, angry and then she can
Be indecisive, not knowing
How she feels. The argument
Between sun and clouds
Sometimes emerges on partly cloudy days
When she wonders whether gray is her color
Or yellow
Right now, it’s turning into sundown,
Pajama time and eventually heads will
Touch the soft pillows that comfort them
Causing restful thoughts, loosening tension
And collapsing into deep slumber
Recharging, preparing for the next time
We meet again and see what happens next

I wrote this today because I had been frustrated over having writer’s block. The ideas were in my head but they wouldn’t budge into print. Now that I am calm again, they are freely entering the print stage. Enjoy.


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