Forever Friday- A Review

foreverfridaySearching for at least a partial meaning of love is what Forever Friday is all about. Timothy Lewis’ novel is based on post cards exchanged between his great-aunt and great uncle whose marriage lasted over sixty years. In the book, we are hearing from Adam Colby, an Estate Salesman who handles the estates of family members and who is pondering why his marriage went wrong.
He finds among the many items to be sold some romantic postcards sent from a man named Gabe to his wife Pearl or Huck as she is nicknamed. This guy is blown away by how these two survive some major turmoil during their rather long marriage. He manages to find a distant relative named Yevette who fills in the gaps about the couple. Adam discovers why his marriage fell apart and something else. He learns that it’s possible to love again and to learn from one’s past mistakes and to “grab hope and never let go.”

I received this advance copy in exchange for reviewing it from Waterbrook Press.
For more information:
Read Chapter One:
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