Burning Sky- A Review

burningskyWow. Have two identities, two families, and losing one and coming back to your lost childhood home. Burning Sky does just that in the novel of the same name by Lori Benton. Willa or Burning Sky was raised for the first twelve years of her life in New York and then abducted by a Mohawk tribe and raised as their own for the next twelve years. The novel, about more than being home again, is about realizing your real place in this world and how you get there.
Burning Sky or “Willa” comes home but with unexpected company, an injured Scotsman, Neil MacGregror and to make her life even more interesting, she has a bully named Richard Waring just drooling for her land and her hand in marriage. Well, he’s not the gentleman he should be. Somehow, Burning Sky maintains her strength through her ordeal and ends up victorious. Mr. MacGregror helps her understand that God never leaves us even when our physical friends and families leave this earth.
The New York frontier that Willa returns to greets her with mixed reactions. They see her more as a Mohawk than as the white lady she was born as. In the end, the townspeople, at least some, realize, it’s not skin color, or ethnic background that count, it’s the heart of the person and Burning Sky definitely teaches that lesson. Victory is hers!
I received this free copy in exchange for reviewing it.
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Author Web Site:
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