Love Me Sane, a Review

I just finished reading an excellent book by Tralisa McNeal, called Love Me Sane. The main character, Stacey, has been raped and has spent most of her adult life trying to remove the shame and pain she feels. Through the use of drugs, alcohol and sex she either numbs her feelings or tries to convince herself that she’s worthy of being loved and valued.
She eventually goes through detox after trying to kill herself and also after admitting to her husband her many affairs. With her husband’s love and strength and daughter’s love, and faith in God above, Stacey manages to conquer her demons and shed the old skin and come out with new opinions of herself. She realizes she is not to blame for her rape so many years ago and for a more recent one. Drugs don’t remove the hurt and alcohol is only temporary. Ms. McNeal has done a fantastic job of writing a novel that could be anyone going through trauma and wanting to somehow become a better person, not a victim.
for more information go to smashwords to check out this amazing book:
This was a free copy I received for reviewing.


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