Showing Our Respect

FlagToday is Memorial Day, a day that we take time out to honor those who have given up the most valuable gift they can sacrifice for our country’s freedom: their lives. Some may believe that Memorial Day is just the “unofficial start of summer” and the christening of grills with all sorts of meat and other entrees helping to begin the next season, but it’s not.
For every serviceman and servicewoman, past, present and future, I want to say thank you. What you do is selfless and it’s an honor to have you fulfill your duty. The long stretches away from your families, those times when they can’t go with you, when the loved ones back home take over and make sure all is well on the home front. The skyping, the short messages that are sent and the eager telephone call that lets you know how everyone is doing.
I remember the life. My husband was in the Navy and on a sub. Wasn’t easy but I was proud of him. The support you have is tremendous and is always there. Don’t take it for granted. I have seen several comic strips honoring today, and one stands out more than others, it was in Sunday’s Indianapolis Star. Dennis the Menace. He walks in the door of his neighbor’s home, the Wilsons, and says, “Happy Memorial Day”. Then he mentions that the reason it’s calls Memorial Day is because “Thanksgiving Day was already taken.” Dennis, you got something there. Saying Thank you is easy to do but somehow a lost pastime. Well, here’s my Thank you for to all have made our country great and allowed the freedom we have today possible.

The food is good and the company is great, but remember who paid the price and made it available. Let us never forget.


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