Visioneering- A Review

visoneeringYou want to plan something? Have an itch that won’t go away? An idea that just might work? Well, Andy Stanley’s Visoneering will give you some great advice on how to get started. He even talks about how one lonely guy, Nehemiah, set about planning for several years just to build a wall for a city he had lived in for who knows how long? And he did it too!
Andy uses the business aspect of having a vision as a example of how to go about what God has set before you. Think about how one must first identify a need, figure out how to meet that need and then start with plans to make it happen. Now a business that is in its infancy stage has to go through a lot of steps. Research, research, discussion, getting proper funding, permits you get the idea. Takes a while before you even see the building or web site go up. Everything must be in place and in working order.
Mr. Stanley gives a “project” at the end of each chapter so that your idea can be broken down in small steps and not so overwhelming. No head spinning. No fainting. He asks all the right questions and rightly so. Bottom line, make sure what you are doing is the right thing and God directed, don’t sacrifice your morals to get ahead and get informed on all aspects from reading, and people you know and don’t know.
I received a free copy of this e-reader edition of this book from Waterbrook Press and Edelweiss in exchange for reviewing it.


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