The Sweet and Side of Parenting

Today is Mother’s Day and it was a nice one. For starters I spent it with my two sons, my husband and our dog, who happens to be a male too. So you could say I was surrounded by men. We went out to eat and came home and just hung out.
Now what’s interesting about today is what I received. My youngest son, decided to buy some Klondike bars and potato chips for the occasion in addition to some peanut flavored M and Ms.
Both reminded me of the way parenting can be. Think about it, it’s never easy and there is no handbook given to you when you have a child. Trial and error is pretty much your teacher and yes, more error but then you learn what works and what does not. Our children grow and challenge us because they want to be their own person.
True, there are disagreements, tears, not so nice words exchanged, and the rare, “I don’t love you”, but believe me they do love you, they are just mad at the moment because getting caught in the wrong is embarrassing. Attitudes form and are flaunted in front of friends as sign of being cool and wanting to belong. Of course, we moms and dads just shake our heads and talk with our child later.
Homework wars, making sure it’s done and on time, getting to bed at a reasonable hour, and waking up in time to get ready for school. Yeah fun times, hu?
The reverse is like a Klondike bar, sweet and comforting and always leaving you wanting more of it. Joking around, making each other laugh, congratulating on a job well done, those times when your so called “young adult” son or daughter comes to you because they bothered by a problem or sick. You see, they always need mom and dad. That never changes.

My oldest son is twenty one and still like a little boy due to his autism and mental retardation so he will always think mom and dad are alright. My youngest son who is twenty, well, the relationship is on and off. Let me explain. He does love us, and he knows we are here for him, but he likes to be his own person most of the time. He has a job, still living at home since he doesn’t make enough to live on his own yet, but he is free to be his own man.
Hard to let go of the little one you once had, to shed that image you keep in your heart, but they have to grow up and learn as we did, when we walked out the door. The Klondike bar was great, and the chips are good too. What would I do for either? I don’t know, but I would not trade all the good and bad of parenting because the rewards are so sweet. Happy Mother’s Day!


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