The Music Filled Skies

Today another music legend passed away, this time a country music legend who influenced many singers and produced several hit songs. George Jones passed away at age 81. Will he be forgotten? No, because his music will always be played on radio stations, in bars, in homes and anywhere else he can be listened to. He seemed like such a down to earth kind of man, not too flashy just a regular guy doing what he loved best.
Not saying he lived a saintly life, just the way Mr. Jones always presented himself to the public.
Another artist passed away this week as well, Richie Havens, a folk singer who performed at Woodstock. My favorite song by him, “Here Comes the Sun” also from The Beatles, Abbey Road album. What an awesome remake. I can understand why he chose to sing that at Woodstock. The Vietnam War was happening and many were protesting and even more were terrified for thier loved ones overseas. That song provided a little bit of comfort during a time of uncertainty.
And then a lovely actress and singer turned activist passed away recently, Miss Funnicello. I remember watching remakes of the Beach Blanket Bingo movies and they were fun. A diversion, I’m sure, from reality back in the sixities. Something clean and harmless and light.
All I can say is, this planet is mourning the loss but the skies above are a bit livelier now, with great music, acting and grace.
Rest in Peace, George, Richie, Annette. You are not forgotton.


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