Sleeping Beauty – Day 87 of The Pollyanna Plan

The Pollyanna Plan

Day 87, Reason 87: Today I am so grateful for the benefits of a decent night’s sleep.

Ahhhh! The joys of sleep! It feels like ages since I’ve managed to sleep well enough for my body to feel properly rested and re-energised.

I know it’s kind of stating the obvious, but it really is quite amazing how beneficial a decent night’s sleep can be for your health, wellbeing and energy. I’ve yet to sleep through the night (does anyone honestly manage that?!) but falling asleep before 1am last night and only waking up a handful of times before getting up at 9am, is progress for me.

To celebrate feeling rested and far, far better than I’ve felt for the past few days, I set off  this morning, out into the big wide world in my car, to do a few jobs. If felt fantastic to be well enough to drive…

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