One Ambitious Goal- A Review

OneAmbitiouGoalDorthea Dix rocked in the nineteenth century! She declined her so called duty to marry and do her own thing. High five girlfriend! Now, there is nothing wrong with being a mom and me should I know because I am one, but for Miss Dix being married and having children just wasn’t in her game plan. Oh no.
Dorthea accomplished several goals in her lifetime: The first in becoming a published author and the next a teacher. The most impressive goal was her compassionate determination to make sure that all disabled, mentally ill and imprisoned individuals were treated with respect and cared for properly.
The best parts of the book are where she proves the naysayers wrong as she holds out her hand to touch another person’s hand and the awakening happens. The power of affection, just being allowed to be loved, to know that you are human and are worthy. That’s what I’m talking about. Of course back then anyone one who had mental illness or disability was locked away in horrible conditions and not treated so kindly. Dorthea never gave up and constantly badgered all politicians, local police authorities and make staggering progress.

I received a free copy of this book from Waterbrook Press and Edelweiss in exchange for reviewing it.
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