Shock and Sadness

Yesterday, thousands of people decided to run in a marathon that is tradition in Boston, Mass. Just a regular race with everyone expecting to finish at various times and celebrating their efforts. Unfortunately what happened was not happiness but horror and tragedy. At least three people were killed and many more were injured due to devices being set off near or at the marathon itself.
I kept asking myself, “Why do some feel this need to destroy innocent lives?” “How do they sleep at night?” The impact felt on the families and victims is more than they probably can comprehend. I doubt they are capable. One good thing does come out of such terrible events, is that help is always there. I read how one man offered his belt to another to stop the bleeding due to loss of a limb. Others were trying thier best to protect themselves and help those who needed it. Law enforement was quick to respond and they are to be commended.
Boston, Mass just know we are thinking of you and praying for healing and justice to be served.

In an ideal world, and I know I am dreaming, violence would be unheard of but peace would settle in and stay. There has to be a way to stop loss of life and to make everyday living safe for us all. Gotta wake up now, time to rise and greet another day.


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