Fortress of Mist- A Review

Thomas is back and man is his mind being messed with. Fortress of Mist is Book Two in The Orphan King series, and picks up with Thomas being ruler over Magnus. People are coming at him with suggestions to follow them and gain power, but he just doesn’t know whom he can trust. Can’t say that I blame him. Mind games seem to be played with each encounter but one common goal, not only to have Thomas join a given cause or group, but to have access to his books of knowledge. Tricks too! Some even try to poison the guy’s food!
Proceeding with caution and ever the curious soul, Thomas is careful about he reveals and the questions he asks of everyone he meets. Even Katherine, a woman from his past, whom he has great affection for, appears to mysterious and won’t reveal all the information that she is hiding. Faith is a huge test in this series and Thomas does finally test his towards the end when proving his innocence. He succeeds.
If you enjoy a mystery and want to keep turning the pages of a great adventure, Fortress of Mist is the novel for you. It’s not just for young adult readers, so grab a copy and enjoy!
I received this free copy from Waterbrook Press in exchange for reviewing it.
For more information: *Author’s web site)
More information on where to buy

Read Chapter One:


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