Waste of Space

I read an article in the Sunday edition of my local newspaper a debate on whether a woman who is age thirty and up should even have a baby. The two reporters were inspired by the recent news of Halle Berry announcing her second pregnancy at age 46. ReallY?? I had no idea that this was something so newsworthy, so important to even write about. Last time I checked the decision to have a family is a personal one and none of anyone else’s business.
Now yes there are risks involved with older women having children but that doesn’t mean that outcome will be terrible. Many women give birth to healthy babies with proper care and do just fine.
Still I have to laugh sometimes at the media for the subject matters that they choose to write about. Why do we need to know about a celebrities every day life, as in they went to the grocery store, and this is news how??? Oh, let’s not forget that when the President walks around the White House grounds or watches his kids play that is something to report too.
To be honest, I think we are overinformed and have forgotten the term “right to privacy”. Strange, hu? Everyone should have some privacy, some sense of a normal life so they aren’t constantly being stalked by a predatory photographer or reporter or cell phone camera. Techonology makes it too easy to broadcast our actions within seconds of it happening.
An individual’s love life is thier business, their family life is thier business, why can’t we go back to when some information was kept that way. Maybe because many of us are so curious, and have to know more that the media will tell us what we want on demand, regardless of the outcome.
Now back to Miss Berry, congratulations on your second baby and I wish you all the best on your upcoming marriage.


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