Waking Up

Spring has finally arrived and the earth is up from its long cold nap. The sky is brighter, the animals are getting restless, and everyone is in a better mood.
My dog just wants to be outside more and who can blame him? Being inside when it’s too cold to play outdoors is a bummer. He can defend the backyard again when intruders arrive.
Oh, let me tell you how Max does this. You see, if a bird just happens to perch on top of the fence, and Max spots it, he will run after it, barking as if to say, “This is my kingdom, get your own!” Then was the time a squirrel was in the corner of the fence and was staring down at Max, just daring him to make a move. I watched and eventually the rodent made the first move, racing accross the fence and into another yard. Poor Max, he looked so sad. He just wants to show who’s boss.

Hopefully the grass will actually be green this year and flowers will grow unlie last year when we had drought conditions. The lawn just didn’t look attractive with straw like grass and brown shrubbery. Of course, the coat closet will be full again for several months with heavy coats that won’t get worn again until winter. I won’t miss mine. It can take a long, much needed rest. The sweaters too. Spring allows the earth to dress rather brightly too, with various plants and bright green leaves.
I’w with Max, let’s chase the gloom away and work the engery back into ourselves, renewing what was already there but lay dorment during winter.
I’ll let him guard the backyard though. That’s his domain. Happy Spring!


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