Not Everyone Does This

mindyA few days ago, country music singer Mindy McCready took her own life. She was very successful in the nineties with her hit song, “Guys Do It All the Time” and seemed to be enjoying her fame. Well as the old saying goes, “looks can be deceiving.” Apparently she had been struggling for several years with her bout of mental issues. Depression was her biggest bully.
Other contributors to her anguish included broken relationships and abuse from those who should have cared for her and from drug abuse. Being in the spotlight isn’t necessarily the prime location for anyone to be in. Every move is documented in print and photographs, true or not, your life is on constant twenty four hour display.
But back to the mental issues, depression is not pretty, in fact it sucks. Brings a person down and makes them wonder if they can keep going on a daily basis. Wake up, get out of bed, brush your teeth, you know the routine. And yet, not everyone reacts as severely as Ms. McCready has done. With proper medicine and sometimes counseling, one can manage just fine. Having a support system is crucial.
Friends, pastors, counselors, families, any trusted individual that one can talk to can be so valuable to the sad one’s life. No one knows why anyone would want to commit suicide, not really. We can read the letters, come up with our best guesses from past experiences, but we are not that man or woman, boy or girl. Those that do take their lives should be mourned and not be disrespected.
Ms. McCready must been going through major turmoil like many celebrities have done before her. Various means of escaping the pain and pressure have been used and many times with horrific endings. The last thing Mindy was working on was a suicide prevention video. I wonder if she still trying to fight the urge then and the urge just won.
Depression is a terrible thing to endure but one can live through it in spite of the gloomy feelings inside. There can be victory by taking little steps every day, telling yourself that you are worthy, and can reach for new heights in the goals you set. Remember there people, who care and want to help, just yell at the top of your lungs if you have to get their attention that way. They’ll understand.
Remember the song by Bill Withers, “Lean on Me”? Well, start leaning and lean hard even if you knock someone down, you will be picked up. Rest in peace, Mindy, I’m sure you found it now.


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