The Power You Need to Never Give Up- Relentless- A Review

rentlessYep, stubborn is the right word for this book. John Bevere makes it clear that God won’t turn his back on us nor should we forget about him. In fact, God is always looking out for you and me on a regular basis. In his book, Mr. Bevere talks about various ways in which the enemy, Satan, is trying to distract everyone from the path God wants to walk down.
Hmmm… greed, envy, trying to outdo one another by being more outrageous, doubting that Jesus really will take care of us. That’ll do it. The author is very passionate about his beliefs and for that I can respect him. I am kinda bothered by the statement he makes about God not wanting anyone to suffer from physical disabilities. I am confused. Does he mean that individuals like my son who are special needs have no place in the world? Hopefully not.
Another observation is that he believes we will have super powers as long as we believe in God above. Now I don’t know about you, but I am not endowed with any supernatural ability. Ex: He mentions a pastor who several times over brings a child back from dying. I do believe in miracles and I do believe in near death experiences. The child’s time had not come.
Overall the book is a good read from a man who has his heart where it should be: focused on God and following God’s instruction. He and his wife have truly been blessed as you will find out in upon reading.

I received a free copy in exchange for reviewing this book from Waterbrook Press.
For more information: (Author Bio)


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