You are What you are

Saw the movie “Wreck it Ralph” today with my husband and two sons and enojoyed every single frame, comment and action that the movie had to offer. Especially appreciated the determination of the main characters, Ralph and Vanellope since Ralph is the “bad guy” in the arcarde game, “Fix it Felix” and Vanellope is the supposed “glitch” in the arcade game “Sugar Rush”.

You see, they both want to show the rest of the game characters that they are more than just a surface appearance. They are really nice  and they just want to fit in with everyone else. Ralph doesn’t want to be alone in the dump anymore so he sets out to prove that he’s a hero by trying to earn a medal in another game.

Ralph ends up messing up the game and lands in souped up version of Candyland and there he and Vanellope meet. They have to work together, which a is great lesson for the younger set in getting along with others. Just because they are different in age and size doesn’t  mean they can’t get along.

What the movie really demonstrates to me anyway is that you can be who you are without going to great lengths to prove that you are something you are not. Ralph doesn’t need a medal to prove that he’s a good guy. He just is. He demonstrates that by building a car for his small fry of a friend, freeing his pal Felix, and saving Sugar Rush in its final moments of destruction. In fact, Vanellope and Ralph save each other.

The people in the “Fix it Felix” game come to accept Ralph and appreciate him and even allow some former game icons join the fun in wrecking the building that Ralph goes back to destroying. I secretly think Ralph is just making things better each time he tears down the bricks and breaks the windows, the barrier between strangers is broken and the judgment is no longer passed, just acceptance. Now if only the rest of the world could just tear down the  prejudice, the ignorance, the hate, and all the negative feelings and opinions, hmmm…in the words of Louis Armstrong, “What a Wonderful World” it would be.


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