Thoughts: “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey”

Went to see the latest of the Hobbit movies last night and it was good. The scenery was outstanding, the costumes were fantastic, and the special effects will definitely afford it awards the next time they are presented. Aside from all the obvious trappings that made the movie, along with the music, the scripting, etc..,  I couldn’t help but find more meaning about the characters, especially Bilbo Baggins, the hobbit himself, who is paid a surprise visit by a wizard named Gandalf and a group of displaced dwarfs. Gandalf has chosen Mr. Baggins to assist with a great adventure to take back their stolen mountain home from an evil dragon.

You see, Bilbo is rather content to stay put in the safety of his familiar home, neighbors, land, furnishings, and garden. He really fights the plea to go along with the others on a dangerous mission. Gandalf does his best to convince him but the decision is left up to Mr. Baggins and yes, he does decide to go. The next day that is. Seems he his courage is slowly emerging and will be burst full force later in the movie as he saves the life of  Thorin.

What do I see in the Hobbit? I see someone who doesn’t recognize his potential, who is afraid to try and get out of what’s commonly called that blasted “comfort zone”. Bilbo does grow as each day passes and each situation arises whether it’s trying to outsmart some wretched trolls or telling riddles to escape an underground cave. He learns to use his smarts to survive and with that my hand is extended to him. In this movie, he only kills once, but in self defense.

The other dwarfs who accompany Thorin on his mission to go back home where they will belong again, is powerful. Loyalty, faith in one’s ability to come through, and not backing down no matter what the circumstances. They respect him for fighting the enemy and not running away and for trying to rebuild the home that once theirs.

Mr. Baggins tells Thorin, “I’m not a hero.” Well, maybe not, but you were just doing what had to be done and you had great timing. Funny how there many more Bilbo Baggins in this world today, hesitant at first to break out of their  usual routines, but man when they do, the relief and freedom one feels, is incredible. I should know I am one of them. I took a chance and wrote a book and although it didn’t sell many copies, eight to be exact, it was a chance worth taking. And I’d like to try again. Now to put it all together.


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