Remaining Silent

Today our nation took time out to be quiet, to reflect and to remember twenty-six innocent victims of a tragedy that occurred in Newtown, Connecticut. Most hadn’t even begun to live and even the ones who had been around a while still had so much more time on this earth. Seems that today we are united, to take care of one another and to try to reach a satisfactory agreement that will help us all.

I am watching the snow blow around outside my window, with the bitter cold wind aiding its movement, and thinking, that the earth is at rest now. It’s taking a break to get ready for another year to come.The white blankets of snow that will fall during winter will cover the grass that sprouts up in spring and summer, the colorful flowers that scatter all over the yards and fields. The victims will hopefully be looking down and enjoying the view. They are no longer frightened of the scary man who barged in on their routine school day.

The survivors will in time recuperate, although I doubt they attend the same school again. I don’t know that I would suggest that. Another school, with different surroundings, to make a fresh start, and maybe tear down the other and place a memorial in honor of those who were killed. At least it would be a positive. We are a strong country and we do care, and now is the time to start caring even more.

Think I will pet my dog and enjoy his expressions on his face. Maybe glance out the window, listen to the wind. Rest in peace, little ones. Rest in peace, the adults who tried to shield them. You are always in our hearts and memories.


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