Sisterchicks in Gondolas – A Review


”Not done yet” is how the main character, Jenna, feels in this book about friendship, and finding out what your true talents are. Jenna receives an invitation to stay in Italy for a few days while helping with a men’s retreat group. She takes her sister-in-law, Sue, who has some issues of her own. And Italy proves to be the right cure for what ails both women.

Jenna discovers what she can do, where her gifts lie and how to use them. She ministers to others by being there, by being helpful particularly when speaking to the locals for Sue. She has felt like failure due to a divorce and having raised a daughter on her own. Sue, on other hand, is still trying to find acceptance from the accident that left her husband in a wheelchair. Sue discovers she too can heal not only through cooking, but by laughter.

I like how Jenna tells Sue at one point during their stay, “Shame off you.” Isn’t that the greatest! To be relieved of an unnecessary burden that kept you down, to know that you are okay and are strong. Seems that Sue returns the favor and says the same to Jenna. The moment I knew both had arrived, was during the mattress sliding, down the stairs of the “palace” they had been staying in. Giggling, relaxing, finally letting go, and to paraphrase, mercy and grace definitely had a hold of both. Five thumbs up, Miss Gunn!

I received this free copy in exchange for reviewing it.

For more information: (including author bio and where to buy)


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