Goodbye, Mr. Hagman

You really surprised those of us who remembered you first as that loveable Major Nelson, with the beautiful blond Jeanie by your side. And let’s not forget your best buddy, Major Heely, who always seemed to be involved with the misfortunes you found yourself in. Man, what a shock when you changed your personality and became that ruthless, no good, self-centered, J.R. Ewing, on “Dallas”.

Mr. Hagman, I watched “I Dream of Jeanie” in reruns as a kid and then in the 1980s saw “Dallas” as a teenager but seeing in you in two distinct roles confirmed your versatility as an actor. In the latter, you were the oldest child, one of a few heirs to an oil empire, and out for no one else but yourself. You had the beautiful wife, Mrs. Sue Ellen, but seems the only two who could really knock you down were your daddy and momma.

You will be missed, and best remembered as JR Ewing, the scoundrel that you played and that man we loved to hate. I even wore a t-shirt with the infamous question: “Who Shot JR?” Talk about an icon! I think even though your character on the Texas-based series was evil, I believe somewhere in your soul you may have cared maybe a little for your family, maybe. At least your fans will always care for you. Rest in peace, and keep on dreaming.

 As Major Nelson on “I Dream of Jeanie”



 As JR Ewing on “Dallas”


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