Sent- A Review

Changing your entire lifestyle just because you finally figure out what God really wants you to do can be pretty radical. And uplifting too. Take the Alan Family and Hilary Alan’s written account of how they go from upper middle class in comfortable surroundings to Southeast Asia right after a tsunami has occurred to help for a few years.


Mrs. Alan writes how all the messages were there from God but they went ignored for a long length of time. They just kept ignoring the phone calls and never checked their voice mail nor returned the calls. Seems for approximately three or four years they just led their routine based lives, with great jobs, high achieving children and regular church attendance. God is so patient with us, isn’t He?


The turning point came when the pastor at the Alan’s church asks for volunteers to help with aid to tsunami victims and that’s when Curt, Hilary’s husband, decides to volunteer. Hence, his life changes and he discovers that he was made and meant to minister to others by helping to get the necessary supplies to start lives over again. His business smarts were greatly appreciated. More interesting is that the whole family willingly took the plunge, sold everything, and made the long flight over to Southeast Asia.


Mrs. Alan, you are to be commended for demonstrating the true love of God to others who had the wrong impression via television and movies. Your daughter, son and husband are also to be congratulated for being unselfish and finding peace in what they were always meant to do. High five to you all.

I received this advance copy, which goes on sale February 19, 2013, free in exchange for reviewing it, from Waterbrook Press.

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