Exercising My Right

Today I stood in line, mentioned to the election volunteer where I lived so that I could be directed the correct table to sign my name.  Proud to show my voter registration card and Driver’s License, I took my ballot and went to the booth to select the candidates I wanted to hire for this next session.

There are individuals who might be skeptical about filling in the ovals after trying to choose the best person for the job, but those are the same ones who will yell the loudest once the election is over. No politician is perfect and in an ideal world every one of them would keep the promises they make and everything would run smoothly. Laughable I know, but that’s what we all want.

Candidates should do their best to keep the promises they make during their campaigns and while in office. Come on, don’t they know their pasts will haunt them in the future with those oh so unflattering mudslinging ads from their opponents? Do they even care? I often wonder if they do or if they see those as free publicity. Probably the latter.

It’s understandable the hesitation that some would be voters may have since they see the end result of each term, before, during and after. Maybe they believe the person they elect isn’t going to make a difference, and their one vote is just useless. Well, you know, I beg to differ.

There are people in other countries who risk their lives just for the privilege to vote. They look at us like we’re nuts for not wanting to vote. I mean, we can without fear of getting hurt and can pick and choose who we want. Other countries just don’t allow such freedoms.

All I can is I voted, I count, and I’m glad I put my two cents in. God Bless America!


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