The Girl in the Glass– A Review

When you are subjected to trauma and need a way to cope, what do you do to survive? In the lives of both Meg Pomeroy and Sofia Borelli, both have their own survival skills that they use to live each day. Meg, whose parents have been divorced since she was a child, and are now with other partners, is still of the belief that her dad will take her to Florence, Italy as he always promised her. Sofia, an individual she meets through photographers she Skypes on a regular basis for her book company, lives in what you could call her own world.

Meg gets a chance to go to Italy but without her dad whose has mysteriously skipped town but left her the means with which to go. She meets up with Sofia and then Lorenzo and his sister Renata and her whole perspective on life changes. Seems Sofia’s story about being connected to the Medici family is not true but made up, but rather convincing at first. Sofia’s trauma is her family background at having been orphaned by an abusive father who has ended her mother’s life. She was adopted by another family but never told until we read about it at the end of the novel.

Ms. Meissner kept my attention on every page as I wanted to know what would happen next, and how each character was going to react to their situations. You can tell she wrote carefully and respectfully, with regard to the mental issues that Sofia was experiencing. Can’t help but feel sorry for her and understanding her logic for the world that her adopted father helped to create for her. You know, some fantasy is good, a bit of escape to unwind and renew ones self. It’s when the fantasy is confused with reality that problems occur and intervention is needed. That intervention saves both Sofia and Meg and they grow stronger from their salvation.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for reviewing it from Waterbrook Press.

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