Um, Now What?

Okay, so the presidential debate is over and Mitt Romney and President Barak Obama have had their say on the issues that matter the most to the voters. Poor moderator kept getting interrupted by both men and I  kept wondering where their manners were. She remained poise throughout the whole discussion. Gotta appreciate her for that.

What I noticed consistently as both Romney and Obama answered questions from the audience was that neither  would explain how they were going to solve any of the problems such as tax cuts, gas prices, education, health care, need I say more?? My son and I were waiting for a detailed plain of steps each was going to take to say lower gas prices, make certain that students graduating from college did get jobs, (Did you see Romney promise Jeremy one for the year 2014 if elected?) and how to lower the ever-increasing debt that we have incurred.

If you stop and think about it, if we are behind on  our bills, collection agencies hound us, or we file bankruptcy. Of course another option is to get credit counseling and consolidate into a small monthly payment if possible. For some, it’s hard choice each month of paying the electric bill or buying groceries, making a repair on the house or doing without. College loans are outrageous and while an education is a wonderful asset to one’s future, one must be able to pay that debt off. ( I know, I am still paying mine off for online classes I took for three years.)

Both the President and Governor Romney hurled accusations at one another after each stated their responses to questions posed by young people in the audience as well parents and others. Seems they just resist acting childish and jumping up before the other finished a sentence. Too funny. Reminds me of kids on a playground trying to figure the rules of a game. No one wants to listen, they each want it their way and compromise is out of the question. I’m with my son when he says, “I don’t know who to believe or vote for.” Well, you know if they made sense it would be easier, but that is too hard for a politician to do and they will never make good on anything they promise.

All we can do at this point is make informed choices on election day and if we don’t like who’s in office, wait four years and kick them out! It’s the American way!


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