Now Children!

Election time is here and the politicians are doing their best to convince us that they are the best candidate for the job of running our country and local governments. Well, some will win the majority of the votes and some will lose. Now one thing I have noticed among the many years of viewing the ads and reading the commentaries in the newspaper is that most like to participate in mudslinging. Hmmm.. is that a prerequisite for being a politician? To see just how many insults and accusations you can hurl at the other person?

We can always brush up on our knowledge of who has done what by researching the past performance and also keeping current on what each candidate is doing now. They don’t have to tell us in the ads that we see every day.  I do like one advertisement that perfectly states what everyone should be doing, just state what you can do for the country,  and stop complaining about the other guy! No finger  pointing!

Amusing to watch adults acting like bickering children, blaming one another for the problems that we have and for what might happen if elected into office. Well, whose to say that the accuser won’t be trouble causer?? I don’t know who will win the presidential election, but I know in the end, the voters will determine who should run the country. After all, it’s our money they will be spending and they  had better spend wisely. Wonder if they know how to live within thier means? Do they really know what the term “budget” means in real world terms? Nah, they like the power trip that comes with being in charge.

I just hope whoever wins does an honest job and keeps the promises they make. Hate to hear the excuses for why they couldn’t keep their word. Haven’t we been told it’s not nice to lie? Okay, I’m dreaming, but I do think they  all need a big time out, don’t you?


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