The Gospel of Yes- A Review

When you agree to follow the path that God has planned for you, your life is a positive thing. How? You allow Him to use your gifts to minister to others in your own unique way and in turn make Him and yourself happy. Think about it, while helping others see how life with Jesus can be meaningful, and peaceful and loving, through your own example, a certain amount of curiosity is ignited.

Author and Pastor Mike Glenn writes about how God and his word are not all gloom and doom, which they are not. There are a lot of good things to know about the wisdom of the Bible and the lessons inside if we just take the time to read and learn them. We’re created in the image of the Lord; we are put here on this earth to enjoy the wonderful creation that’s all around us, and to take care of it.

Our lives can be transformed by changing our attitudes and opening up our hearts, staying quiet long enough to really hear what God’s plan is for each of us. We are all unique and have different talents, and He expects us to use those in positive ways. There are people out there who form ministries to help people in need of things such as bedding, and clothing, and food. Leadership. You have those who can make crafts to cheer others up in the form of cards or homemade gifts. Simple, sweet, but compassionate ways to reach out and touch the lives of many. Can you say yes to that? Fantastic job, Mr. Glenn!

I received this free copy from Waterbrook Press.

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