Picking on Big Bird! What’s Next?

Have you heard the latest? Romney has stated that if elected he will cut funding to PBS even though, and get this, he says he “loves big bird.” Excuse me, How dare he pick on a loveable, sweet yellow pal of our childhood! Now this is why politicians don’t necessarily win the approval of voters. Saying terrible things like threatening to take away educational programming that most of us grew up with is just outrageous. Oh and let’s not forget the “47%” of us that he claims are freeloaders and don’t want to find work.

Too Romney doesn’t understand the people who are job hunting in earnest, standing in the unemployment lines, trying to figure out where to go next. There are men and women are working low paying jobs because the ones they really want are not available or their companies have been downsized. Oh, yeah, and the college graduates trying to pay off the huge debt of loans isn’t exactly a smooth ride either.

Sometimes I think politicians just want to say what they think the voters want to hear and in other cases, maybe do dumb things to draw more attention to themselves.  Romney has succeeded in the later.  Here’s a thought, let’s  set up a reality show where all the hopefuls get to live in our world, the real one. A month, two months, then come back and tell us again that you understand and have a clear vision. But leave the bird alone!

P.S. Big Bird, You Rock! Don’t listen to Mr. Romney!


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